January 6th, 2022

“Point 2 Vending is a smart solution for smaller companies wanting to offer a cafeteria style experience without the added labor of having servers. We went away from the traditional vending machines in our breakroom so that our employees could have a more flexible selection and a “rapid change” in products offered. Sam is always quick to listen to our folks when they are wanting a change in products offered and unlike old vending machines with a fixed delivery mechanism , the Point 2 system is not constrained by uniform packaging limitations or sizes. Also, when we have seasonal changes and our employees want something warmer or more substantial in the Fall / Winter, Sam is quick to hear their requests and change with the seasons. If you are considering a change or adding self-serve vending for your employees, I would highly recommend Sam and Point 2 Vending.” – Mark Shedd (President/CEO – Critical Rental Solutions)

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